Friday, 10 May 2013

Making the Sharingan Clock

So I managed to find time to make the clock this week on my lunch breaks at work.
Here's a picture of all the parts after cutting them on our LaserPro 25W laser, most still with their protective paper on, it took forever to peel it all off lol.

I used 3mm Acrylic for all the pieces, Black with a Matte finish and red/white with a standard gloss finish. I cut 2 circles from the black, one with all the face details cut out and the other for the back with a rectangle in the centre for the mechanism to sit in so all up it's 6mm thick. I then cut all the relevant pieces from the red and white acrylics.
It all went smoothly aside from some parts of the black face on numbers 7 & 8 being a tad to skinny and warping, it doesn't change the look of it and is only noticeable close up but definately something I'll alter if any more are made.

After close to an hour of peeling and gluing I was finally able to let it dry and install the clock mechanism, here's the finished product. 

Let me know what you think, or if your be interested in having one for yourself I'll happily figure out a price and make them to order if anyone is keen.

When I went to cut all the parts I found I had to modify the design I previously posted quite alot to make it laser ready. The modified file is currently at work but I'll see about posting it here so anyone can make one if they have access to a laser.
I'm still thinking about how to protect my designs because I want anyone to be able to make one if they want to but I don't want them to be produced for sale without my permission, anyone know much about NZ Copyright/Licensing laws and what I need to do?

Another pad update will be coming soon, I've been calling around finding people who can laser cut wood to the thickness I require, I've found some and should be able to get some parts cut next week. I've also started revising my design for the production version of the pad, basically just doing things to make it a bit better and cheaper but I'll talk about that in the next post.

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