Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sharingan Clock

So a while ago I found an old clock at work that had a broken face, I proceded to remove the clock mechanism with the thought that I could make my own clock when I came up with a idea good enough. Well that day has come, I present to you the Sharingan Clock.

The whole design is inspired by the Uchiha Clan from Naruto, their crest is in the centre and each number is a different Sharingan or Mangekyo Sharingan. In the coming week I'll be making it out of Acryic and hoping it all works how I want it. I also would like to create clocks using each individual Sharingan, or atleast the coolest ones.

For those interested here are the CorelDRAW files for the the Sharingan Clock and all the Sharingan.

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