Monday, 4 May 2015

Finally, some plans!

Hi everyone, life and procrastination have been keeping me busy lately. So I'm going to release plans on what I have done so far, so you guys have something to work from or change if your thinking of following my path.
If you use any of these plans please keep in mind that these are different drawings and models I made over a long period, not all of them will fit each other and there will likely be some problems with some. I offer no guarantee on their accuracy and what not.

CorelDRAW Files

First up is the design I used to cut the first pad on a CNC router. Link.

Version 1.1 of the bar. Link.

Version 2.2 of the bar, with dimensions. Link.

Version 1.4 of the bar. Link.

Version 1.4 of the bar dimensions. This is the one I have had made from aluminium, it's holding up really well. Link.

Corner bracket holder (really creative name I know) and surrounding pad. The pad both replaces the white corner bits in a machine and allows the right amount of room for the bracket to fit comfortably. Link.

Sensor Slots. A part from the newer model of the pad. They remove the need to cut so many grooves into the middle layer. Link.

A jig I laser cut to make the newer pads. I basically screw this to the plywood so I can trim it perfectly to shape with a handheld router. Link.

SketchUp 3D Models

(Note: SketchUp is free and can be found here.)

The first pad model I made. Link.
This was intended to be built using 2x4's and plywood, all by hand rather than CNC. It was largely based on Riptide's design.

TubbyPad V1. Link.

This is the pad I currently have working in my lounge. Not sure about that name though.

TubbyPad V2. Link.

This was the next slightly different version of the pad, and is the basic design of the 2 I am building at the moment.

DDR corner bracket. Link.
This is the older type of bracket, the newer ones have the flaps welded at the corner. This one should be cheaper to manufacture.

Pictures and Stuff

Dimensions for the metal corner brackets.

The U shaped bracket that sits over each sensor.

Condensed spec sheet for the DDR sensor connector.

Spec sheet for the crimp pins you also need as part of the DDR sensor connector.

And the full original spec sheet for the connectors. Link.

Happy stomping and/or building :)

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